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How to Apply

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some popular questions that we receive from students. If you don't find your question or would like more information, please contact your admissions counselor, search frequently asked questions or contact us.

What is the application deadline?

WVU has a rolling admissions policy and will accept applications until August 1 for a fall term, and December 1 for a spring term. However, we encourage high school students to apply early in their senior year, and transfer applicants to apply 6-8 weeks prior to the term start to allow for receipt of official transcripts. 

Is there an advantage to applying using the Common App vs. WVU’s application?

To apply for on-campus programs, we invite you to apply using either the Common App or the WVU Application. Both offer test optional and self-reported courses and grades. Requirements and processing times are the same regardless of which application you choose.

To apply for an online program, use the steps for WVU Online Campus applicants.

May I apply to more than one campus within the WVU system?

Although you may apply to multiple campuses within the WVU system (including Morgantown, Keyser and Beckley), we will only admit to one campus. If you have applied to multiple campuses, we encourage that you work with a WVU representative at your first-choice campus to determine application requirements and decision processing.

How do I submit my official transcripts and ACT or SAT scores?

Please visit the following pages for more details on how to submit official transcripts and options for submitting test scores.

Why was I referred to another campus when I applied to Morgantown?

In some cases, students may not meet the requirements for the Morgantown flagship campus and are referred to the Keyser or Beckley location. If referred, you must work with the specific campus to enroll. You are required to meet a 2.0 cumulative GPA and 24 transferrable credit benchmarks to change campuses to Morgantown.  

What GPA does WVU use for admission and scholarships?

WVU uses the most recent cumulative GPA, weighted if reported, from a student's high school transcript. You may self-report your GPA when applying. If you self-report, your GPA will be updated to reflect the actual GPA when your official transcript is received. We use a four-point grading scale and convert percentages. Learn more about GPA evaluation and conversion.

Will WVU recalculate my GPA?

WVU does not recalculate GPA for weight or to accommodate grade forgiveness. However, the Office of Admissions reserves the right to recalculate and may need to do so for students attending more than one high school.

Can I submit an updated GPA?

After you're admitted, you may submit the GPA Update Request Form to apply changes if newly calculated by the high school. GPA is not automatically updated – the form must be submitted and a transcript included.

Does WVU superscore?

We accept multiple test dates for either exam and superscore for admission, the Honors College and merit awards. WVU combines the highest sub-scores from different test dates to create a superscore total or composite. Learn how to submit or update your test scores.

Does WVU accept dual enrollment or college in high school credit? What about AP, IB and CLEP?

We accept dual enrollment courses from accredited 2- or 4-year institutions. Credit may be applied directly to fulfill required courses, or as elective credit. Grades for college credit are transferred, as well. An official college transcript is required to review and apply credit, and it must be sent directly by the credit-granting institution. Please reference our Transfer Equivalency pages for more details.

AP, IB and CLEP credit is also accepted. Once credit is received, your academic adviser will have final approval to apply credit. An official score report from the testing center is required to review and apply credit. Please visit our AP, IB and CLEP pages for more details.

How can I change the major I listed on my admissions application?

You may change your major after you have been admitted by completing the  Change of Major Form. If you have already scheduled classes through New Student Orientation, you are not eligible to complete this form and will need to contact your academic adviser. Please note that a change of major may impact your current decision, direct-entry to select majors and merit awards.

How is residency determined?

We use the information provided on your admissions application to determine your residency status. Residency is related to your state of residence and used to assess tuition and fees for in-state vs. out-of-state students. For specifics, please visit our residency site.

How do I apply for scholarships, and is there a deadline?

Admitted students are automatically considered for merit scholarships, whether applying standard admission or test optional. WVU’s first-time freshman merit deadline, without exception, is June 1. As a courtesy, WVU permits admitted students to continue to submit updated test scores and GPA calculations until June 1. Changes are not automatic for GPA edits; you must request a review of new credentials by submitting the GPA Update Request form with the WVU Office of Admissions. Test scores are automatically updated if received prior to the deadline via official score report or from the testing center. Select scholarships have an application and a different deadline. Please visit our Undergraduate Scholarship Office for more information. 

How can I visit WVU?

Check Experience WVU for current in-person and virtual visit opportunities.

Are first-time freshman students required to live on campus?

WVU requires all first-time freshman and first-time transfer students with fewer than 24 credits to reside on campus for the first year. All students are required to file the housing application, or housing exemption if eligible. For more information about housing requirements and exemptions, please visit the Housing and Residence Life site.

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