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How to Apply

Change of Campus Students

If you are currently attending one of WVU’s divisional campuses, (i.e., Potomac State College or WVU Tech), we look forward to welcoming you as you continue your WVU education at the Morgantown campus. Our experienced staff will confer with you individually to ensure a smooth transition to WVU.

How to Apply as a Change of Campus Student

To apply for admission to WVU Morgantown, you must:

  1. Review the admissions requirements.
  2. Please complete the Change of Campus form instead of the undergraduate application.
  3. Please scan and email your completed Change of Campus form to Or mail to: 

    Office of Admissions
    West Virginia University
    P.O. Box 6009
    Morgantown, WV 26506-6009

Admission Requirements for  Change of Campus Students

You are considered a change of campus student if you attend a WVU divisional campus (i.e., Potomac State College or WVU Tech). To be eligible to enroll as a change of campus student at WVU Morgantown, you must have at least a 2.0 grade point average in all college work attempted. In addition, if you have fewer than 24 transferable credit hours, you must also meet freshman admission standards. Some individual programs and majors have different course requirements and higher grade point average requirements; please review the various program requirements.

Application Deadlines

Please submit your Change of Campus form and supporting documents prior to the following deadlines:

Transferring Course Credit to WVU

Once WVU has received your change of campus form and supporting documents, and your eligibility for admission has been determined, the Office of Admissions will conduct a preliminary evaluation of your course work. Credits and grades for college-level courses completed at any institution may be accepted as long as WVU offers the subject area. For example, WVU offers history courses and will therefore accept all history courses from accredited institutions (slight variations may occur).

Credits from two-year community colleges and junior colleges are limited to a maximum of 72 hours of lower-division credit. Grades and credits are transferable for college-level courses from all institutions accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, or by other regional accrediting associations accepted by WVU.

The Office of Admissions will translate your credit into WVU equivalents once you have been admitted. Your academic college or school will then determine how, and/or whether your courses are applied toward completing your degree. In some cases, upper-division courses may not apply toward your degree.

You can learn more about how your existing course credit may transfer to WVU by using our Transfer Equivalency System.


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