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How to Apply

Readmitted Students

You are considered a readmitted student if you have been away from the University for at least one semester excluding the summer terms. 

Important: Students cannot be readmitted into Nursing, Medical Laboratory Science, Dental Hygiene and Occupational Therapy. Students must apply to these programs using the WVU Application by selecting Internal Applicant for student type.

All other applicants are not required to apply for readmission into their most recent program of study. If applying to a new major, students must meet admissions requirements for Transfer Students.

Some individual programs and majors have different course requirements and higher grade point average requirements; please review the various program requirements.

How to Apply as a Readmitted Student

If you have been away from WVU for at least one semester, not including summer, please fill out and submit the WVU Application to apply for an on-campus program. To apply for an online program, follow the steps for WVU Online Campus applicants.

Please note: Decisions on readmission are based on your WVU academic standing along with academic work earned at any other institution you may have attended after leaving WVU. You are not required to submit a WVU transcript.

Students who have been out of attendance for less than three years will not have to pay an application fee. There is a $50 application fee for all other applicants.

Application Requirements for Readmitted Students

In order to be readmitted, you must obtain an overall grade point average of 2.0 at all institutions attended since leaving WVU or present an overall grade point average of 2.0 between your WVU work and your work from all institutions attended since leaving WVU. Any outstanding financial obligations must be paid before readmission can be processed. You are not required to submit a WVU transcript.

After your readmission is processed, your credits earned at other institutions will be entered on your WVU transcript, regardless of your GPA.

Additional Information for Readmit Applicants

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