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Sociology examines human society with an emphasis on social structure, processes of social interaction, and social change. Students learn the methods of social science as well as the specialized knowledge and insights of discipline while selecting from a range of substantive course topics. These include but are not limited to: racial and ethnic relations, sex and gender, social class and poverty, families and relationships, social psychology and media, health and health care, and urban and rural sociology. The major prepares graduates to pursue a broad range of careers or graduate study/professional training.

To complete the B.A. in Sociology, students must earn 120 credit hours and are encouraged to use their general electives to complete an academic minor and pursue professional field experiences, such as internships or field schools.

Career Profile

The major prepares students to pursue a broad range of careers that require knowledge of social organization and social processes. It also prepares students for graduate studies in the social sciences in pursuit of academic or applied research careers or for professional training in law, public administration, social work, public health and other fields.

Sample Course Schedules

Wondering what your typical day might be like? We used students’ real course schedules to create these examples.

Freshman Year

WVUE 191 First Year Seminar MATH 126A College Algebra 5-Day SOCA 101 Introduction to Sociology SOCA 199 Orientation to Soc & Anthro CHIN 101 First Year Chinese 1

Senior Year

SOCA 318 Hate Crime SOCA 457 Social Movements PHIL 100 Problems of Philosophy THET 101 Introduction to the Theatre COMM 308 Nonverbal Communication

English Proficiency Requirements

All applicants whose first language is not English must provide proof of English language proficiency. WVU accepts either the TOEFL or the IELTS for this purpose. Learn more about our English language proficiency requirements.

Accreditation Information

WVU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Alumni Profile

Frank Vitale

Frank Vitale, senior vice president of Clear Mountain Bank, holds a B.A. in sociology and MBA from WVU. He accumulated nearly 18 years of service to his country in the U.S. Army, where he served as the senior instructor for the Officer Candidate School of the West Virginia Army National Guard. He believes “The education I earned from the MBA Program has given me a sense of confidence in the knowledge that I bring to my profession, employer, and community. The designation of such a degree is met with a sense of credibility by others seeking my services and expertise.”

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