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Visual and Performing Arts Pathway

Expand your expertise and turn your talent in visual arts, dance, music or theatre into a rewarding career.


Find your niche — in the classroom and beyond. We’ll help you find your passion and build skills for your career. These are just a few of the resources you’ll have access to at WVU that will prepare you life after WVU.

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Develop real-world skills in our specialized laboratories, clinics and research centers.


Personalize your curriculum with classes related to your interests and career goals.

  • ART 267: Technology Methods in Art Education
  • ART 273S: Beginning 3D Animation
  • ART 325: Design for Web and Screen
  • DANC 360: Advanced Choreography
  • FDM 470: Global Issues and Fashion
  • ID 375: Residential Interior Design
  • MUSC 226: Applied Music: Voice
  • MUSC 413: Live Music Industry
  • THET 302: Directing
  • THET 344: Acting Studio

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Performing a jazz concert for class! 🎺🎷
Fashion Design 360
Fashion Design Studies
Portrait of Hayden McTaggart

What's your career goal?

Hayden McTaggart
Music Business and Industry

"I'm hoping to work on tours with bands and be more up close and personal with the artists, whether it be through admin-assistance or on-tour marketing. I really like knowing and seeing everything that goes into music, and since it's such a flexible major, you can really do anything with it. I would also love to do freelance gigs like I do now with the Bluegrass Band."

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