Pay for College

Net Price Use the Net Price Calculator to get an estimate of the “net price” at WVU.

We understand that the thought of college expenses can be stressful. However, we have several ways to help you pay for college and make your education more affordable. In fact, WVU has the nation’s 14th most affordable tuition for out-of-state students, and on average our graduate programs are nearly $10,000 more affordable than many schools in our region. Through scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study opportunities, we can help you make your dreams for the future a possibility within reach.

For estimates of costs, visit the WVU Tuition.

For scholarship information, visit the Undergraduate Scholarship Office.

For information on assistantships and fellowship opportunities for graduate and professional students, please visit the Office of Graduate Education and Life.

To begin and complete a FAFSA form, due March 1, visit Federal Student Aid.

Reduced Tuition

If you are an out-of-state student, you may be eligible to receive in-state tuition depending on your intended major. To see if your major and state makes you eligible for reduced tuition, you may visit the Academic Common Market, through the Southern Regional Education Board.

If you are a resident of Ohio or Washington, D.C., or a student of Garrett College in Maryland, you may also be eligible for reduced tuition depending on your major.

If you are a senior citizen wishing to attend WVU, there are options for you as well!