Summer Session Information

WVU has one summer session with multiple parts-of-term enabling one, three, six, or twelve week courses. Requirements for admission and work performance for the summer session are the same as for the regular semesters. Make sure to check out the Become a WVU Student section for further details about applying.

You may earn credit toward a baccalaureate, master’s, doctoral, or professional degree in the summer session. Summer offerings vary from year to year. For complete information about summer course offerings, see the Schedule of Courses.

WVU Students

If you are enrolled in spring semester, you do not need to apply for the following summer semester. Meet with your adviser and plan a course of action for the upcoming registration period. You may register for summer classes at the same time you register for fall or thereafter. If you expect to graduate in May and wish to continue course work during the summer, you must reapply for admission.

New Students: Freshmen or Transfer

If you have been accepted to WVU as a freshman or new transfer student for the fall semester and wish to attend Summer Session, contact the Office of Admissions to change your date of admission. If you have NOT applied, please complete an application for admission.

Visiting Students

Students who wish to transfer WVU credit back to their home institutions may be granted admission by completion of an Domestic Visiting Student Application or International Visiting Student Application and submission of transcript or an official statement indicating a 2.0 GPA from the last college attended.