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Decide WVU Days

Look no further. Your authentic Mountaineer experience awaits.

Join us for Decide WVU Day, a special open house designed just for admitted students like you.

This is your day to immerse yourself in all things WVU. It’s your day to ask questions, explore campus and share the journey with your family.

At Decide WVU, you can experience a real college class, explore the Student Rec Center (we have a 50-foot climbing wall), sample some awesome food, sign up for New Student Orientation, mingle with current WVU students and so much more.

Register for March 28 Register for April 4

We know you have questions, and we have answers.   

Who should attend Decide WVU Days?

You! And two guests. Most of the sessions are geared toward admitted high school seniors and future transfer students. (We have info for parents and Mountaineer families, too).

What can I do at Decide WVU Days?

At Decide WVU, you’ll experience what it’s like to be a full-time Mountaineer — your way.

Can I register for classes at Decide WVU? 

No, but you visit the Pop-Up Admissions Office to register for New Student Orientation. At NSO you'll work with an academic adviser to create your fall class schedule. 

I’ve chosen my residence hall and my room. Can I view my room while at Decide WVU?

No, due to privacy and safety concerns for current students (the person currently living in your room), you cannot see your future room. You can, however, visit your residence hall and view a showroom during our Residence Hall Open House. If you’re looking for measurements of your room, and a list of what you can and cannot bring on Move-In Day or general info about your hall, visit Housing

Can I take a tour of campus?

During Decide WVU we offer walking tours of the downtown area of campus. If you’re interested in seeing Evansdale or Health Sciences, you can take one of our looping WVU buses or the PRT

Where can I park?

Where you park depends on your major. Once you register for Decide WVU, you’ll be directed to a confirmation page with a dropdown menu of majors. Choose your major to find your check-in location. 

How do I get around campus?

We have plenty of WVU buses looping across campus with various stops. The PRT will be running during the day and families are encouraged to take a ride. 

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