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Old Gold, New Blue Campaign Initiatives

The Old Gold, New Blue Campaign is divided into three tiers of initiatives. Please review each to see which one fits your particular interests.

Please refer to our training manual for information about WVU and tips for talking to prospective students and their families.

Tier I

We’re looking for participants who are eager to generate excitement about WVU through direct communications. Each tier has its own particular training materials, but we encourage you to also review other tier materials as they may provide you with insight and/or help.

Tier 1 consists of a 30-minute webinar training and a short quiz. This training focuses on re-introducing the university to alumni and friends.

Tier I Activities

Notecard campaign: Engage local students by reaching out to them with a personalized postcard that lets them know that our WVU family is everywhere … even in their "backyard." We will supply you with all materials, student contact information and even a few text samples to get you started. This initiative is an ongoing, year-round effort that can be customized to fit your availability.

Awards Ceremonies: Represent WVU at local awards ceremonies that are held as a part of high school graduation activities. Generally, high schools will hold their ceremonies in either May or June. Ceremonies vary at each location and can be during the day or in the evening and last from one to two hours. We will supply you with a script and certificates to present to individual students.

Tier I Training

Tier II

Volunteers who are interested in mentoring prospective students in partnership with Admissions.

Tier 2 consists of a 30-minute training presentation and short quiz. This training focuses on introducing alumni to prospective students.


College Fair Attendance with an Admissions Counselor: Working hand-in-hand with a WVU Admissions counselor on the road in your market, you will field questions from families and students as you share your positive experiences from your time at WVU. Most college fairs take place in the fall (September – November) but depending on your area, there may be are a few in the spring (February – April).

Participation during recruitment events: The Office of Admissions hosts on-campus open houses, receptions and other special gatherings throughout the year. We also travel and host select off-campus receptions and meetings that give students a taste of WVU. While participating in a recruitment event you may be tasked to assist with registration, field questions from families or serve on a panel where you can share the reasons that your education at WVU made you the successful professional you are today! Recruitment events take place throughout the year, making this an ongoing initiative.

Email Campaign Participation: Email is sometimes the most convenient way for students (and parents) to connect with WVU. This initiative will allow you to engage with students who are interested in your field of study and provides a way for alumni to share how they academic experience has shaped their career. We’ll provide you with student contact information, updated information from your WVU academic college and a few text samples to get you started with this flexible and ongoing initiative.

Elementary/Middle School College Fair Participation: It is not that uncommon for the Office of Admissions to receive invitations to college fairs geared toward middle or even elementary school students. Through this initiative you will connect with the youngest prospective Mountaineers and answer some of their amazing questions (How do I become a doctor? Can I bring my pet? What’s college like?!?). We will provide you will materials to distribute and a WVU College Fair Information Guide so that you are prepared. These events usually take place throughout the school year and can occur during the school day.

Tier II Training

Tier III

In search of participants who are enthusiastic about serving as a recruitment catalyst through their interactions and discussions with students and parents.

Tier 3 consists of a presentation and a quiz. This training focuses on frequently asked questions and college fair representation. 

Tier III Activities

Work strategically with the Office of Admissions and regional recruiters on targeted recruitment campaigns and engagement needs. These efforts may include activities such as independent college fair attendance, phone campaign participation and other initiatives depending on your geographic location.

Tier III Training

Interested in talking to someone about WVU?

Contact an Admissions Counselor