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ALEKS Testing

Your expressed major is one that requires a testing assessment for either direct admission or placement into math or science coursework.

Step 1

Please submit the request form to be added to the eCampus testing course for ALEKS. Admitted students must claim their account and log into their WVU portal before gaining access to eCampus and the testing. 

Once submitted, your request will be processed within 2-3 days. You will receive an email to your WVU MIX account direct from the Mathematics Department. Please note that all correspondence will be sent to your WVU MIX email and not your personal email account.

Step 2

Please bookmark this page. You will return here for tips and instructions. Read below to familiarize yourself with ALEKS, so that you know what to expect. 

Learn more about ALEKS:

What is ALEKS?

ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) is a testing platform used to measure the strengths and weaknesses of a student’s mathematical knowledge.

WVU offers ALEKS through eCampus, which is accessible to admitted students through your WVU Portal.

ALEKS is an adaptive test with advanced AI technology used to determine each individual’s knowledge space. While the score you receive from ALEKS is a percentage of your comprehensive mathematical knowledge, it is not merely a score of 25/30 questions. Each question asked will test multiple objectives, determining mistakes and problem-solving capabilities.

How can I prepare to take ALEKS?

It is recommended to use the preparation and learning modules ALEKS has assigned to you. A practice database is also available in eCampus from Khan Academy which will help to refresh pre-calculus and calculus concepts.

Following your first practice attempt, you are required to do a minimum of 8 hours of preparation through learning modules. Once completed, you will be permitted to take the proctored exam twice with a 48-hour period between each attempt.

Be certain that you have a reliable internet connection, a web-camera, and a working microphone available for the practice and proctored exams.

You are required to use the Respondus LockDown browser. Download the version that's unique to ALEKS. Note: Google Chromebooks are not compatible with the ALEKS program.

Check requirements and download the Respondus LockDown browser

Next Steps and Tips

Rules and Guidelines

The following rules will be strictly applied to proctored exams. Note: Any violation of these rules will initiate an academic dishonesty charge and will disqualify any score received for that test.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are ALEKS scores transferrable?

ALEKS scores may be transferrable if you have taken the ALEKS exam while in high school or at another institution. 

Are there other options for math or science placement aside from ALEKS, the ACT, or SAT?

In some instances, an Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, or International Baccalaureate course may be used to fulfill the placement requirement. Students are encouraged to work with their WVU Regional Recruiter to determine eligibility, and official score reports and/or college transcripts must be on file for an assessment.

Does WVU waive the $25.00 fee based on financial need?

The cost is paid directly to ALEKS. Therefore, WVU does not have the ability to waive the fee for the exam, which is payment for the proctoring. If you are experiencing a financial hardship, we encourage you to work with your WVU Regional Recruiter.

Need help?

If you need help please  contact your  WVU Admissions Counselor  to learn more about placement, direct admission, and the benefits of the Guided Pathway program. You can also  call us at (304) 293-2121 (option 8) or email us at  

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