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Admitted Students

Transfer Credit

We award transfer credit based on an evaluation of your prior academic work. We will finalize the evaluation after you have enrolled at West Virginia University. To see a preliminary evaluation, follow these steps:

  1. Log into
  2. Click on “STAR” at the top of the page.
  3. Click the “Click here to enter STAR” link.
  4. Click the “Student Services & Housing” link.
  5. Click the “Student Records” link.
  6. Click the “Academic Transcript” link.
  7. Choose “Undergraduate as the Transcript Level” and click “Submit.”

Your unofficial transcript, including transfer credit, will be displayed. This evaluation represents hours transferable to WVU, and what classes they transfer for is determined by departmental evaluation.

Courses with WVU course numbers are those that have an exact WVU equivalent course. Courses with a “000” course number represent open credit courses transferred for credit in the designated subject area, but for which no exact WVU equivalent can be determined. “Open credit” courses can be reviewed by your academic department at your request. A course syllabus and/or description may be required for review. The academic department will determine application of these credits toward your bachelor’s degree.

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