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Admissions Counselors

Molly Roush

International Admissions Counselor

Favorite Thing About WVU

I love the fun and energized atmosphere at WVU. Our students and faculty love to learn and know how to make learning fun! The active environment here makes me feel young, energized and motivated.

Favorite Thing About Your Job

Interacting with students from all over the world, traveling and helping bring some really bright minds to such a welcoming and vibrant city.

Advice for Students

Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you want to do at WVU. There are so many opportunities here, and it’s really not hard to find your place. Whatever you decide to study and no matter which activities you decide to pursue, you’ll always be received with a warm-hearted welcome!

When You're Not Working You're

I’m spending a lot of time re-discovering Morgantown. It’s been over seven years since I’ve lived here, and I can’t believe how much the city has grown! Aside from that, I enjoy collecting maps, visiting art galleries and learning bits and pieces of other languages.

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