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Interdisciplinary Studies

The Multidisciplinary Studies Program is comprised of three related minors. The program does not limit students to courses of study in a particular area, but rather stresses the importance of breadth of knowledge and cross-disciplinary communication. The program emphasizes flexibility and combines specialized knowledge from individual disciplines with a unique ability to approach problems from divergent perspectives.

Students learn to apply their minors to real-world problems through a community-based internship and to apply multidisciplinary techniques in communicating the strengths of their self-chosen course of study.

Students in the Multidisciplinary Studies program are able to take advantage of the vast resources available in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, but are not limited to any one of the University’s colleges when making decisions as to which minors to pursue. Thus, students in multidisciplinary studies are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the excellence of WVU’s faculty across the entire spectrum of academic offerings.

Career Profile

Multidisciplinary studies helps to bridge what have become increasingly specialized, disparate, and segmented fields of study within American universities. The ability to approach problems from an interdisciplinary perspective is an increasingly valuable skill in today’s highly specialized society.

Holders of Multidisciplinary Studies degrees often enter the same fields as graduates of more traditional majors such as communication studies or business administration. These include positions in management or sales or in industries such as hotel/ hospitality, pharmaceutical, insurance or retail. Employment opportunities for individuals who have learned divergent methods of solving problems are also available in education, social services and government.

English Proficiency Requirements

All applicants whose first language is not English must provide proof of English language proficiency. WVU accepts either the TOEFL or the IELTS for this purpose. Learn more about our English language proficiency requirements.

Accreditation Information

WVU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

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