Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Culture at WVU

Centers and Offices

Office of Multicultural Programs


Safe Zone Program

Special Events

Pride Week
Day of Silence
Festival of Ideas

LGBT Student Groups/Organizations


Course Offerings

BIOL 122: Human Sexuality

Communication Studies
COMM 212: Gender and Communication
COMM 315: American Diversity in Film

English Language and Literature
ENGL 288: Sexual Diversity in Literature and Film
ENGL 388: Topics in Gay/Lesbian Studies

HIST 448: Sexuality in American Culture
HIST 449: Women’s Movements since 1960
HIST 477: Working Class America

Political Science
POLS 337: Gender/Politics and Policy

Sociology and Anthropology
SOCA 221: Families and Society
SOCA 265: Intro to GLBT Studies
SOCA 331: Sociology of Law
SOCA 360: Women and Men in Society
SOCA 405: Introduction to Social Inequality

Women’s Studies
WMST 330: Feminist Theory
WMST 340: Gender and Violence
WMST 448: Sexuality in American Culture
WMST 449: Women’s Movements Since 1960


WVU Common Ground
Mountaineer Parents Club
WVU Alumni

Community Information and Regional Resources

Fairness West Virginia
Annual Pride Festival (Charleston, WV)