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Old Gold, New Blue Campaign Training Options

Each tier has its own particular training materials, but we encourage you to also review other tier materials as they may provide you with insight and/or help. Training is currently being revamped for Fall 2017 college fairs. If you need access to the trainings immediately please contact Katie Condon ( directly.

Tier I

Tier 1 consists of a 30 minute webinar training and a short quiz. This training focuses on re-introducing the university to alumni and friends.

Tier II

Tier 2 consists of a 30 minute training presentation and short quiz. This training focuses on introducing alumni to prospective students.

Tier III

Tier 3 consists of multiple training presentations and quizzes. This training focuses on frequently asked questions and college fair representation.

The following forms should be utilized when approval has been granted to represent WVU at a college fair:

Interested in talking to someone about WVU?

Contact an Admissions Counselor